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We are an independent service business based in Jakarta, INDONESIA. Our main service is English to Bahasa Indonesia translation vise versa. In near future we plan to extend our service to proofreading and interpreting.

As an improvement now we develop new collaborative networking that represents the partners. Clients are invited to contact our partners to get samples, quotation and other related inquiries. This unique network ensures the clients that every partnership member is personally engaged  to achieve the best match for their needs.


Translator | ENG-IND v.v | Electrical & Oil Field Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering: control system
  • Oil Field Engineering: health, safety, and environment | +62-815-8493-3307 | Resume

Cornelius Agung B.


Translator | ENG-IND v.v | General

  • Business & Banking: business contracts, balance sheets, annual reports, prospectus, marketing tools, sales information, article clippings
  • Mining (Oil & Gas, Coal): mining permit, supply agreement, mining contract, insurance claim extension, official correspondence, field survey reports
  • Education: curriculums, diplomas, reports, university and college info, theses, course description, research results, administrative plans
  • Content Management System: general internet contents including safety driving, company profile, art and craft, architectural (interior and exterior), information technology, forestry and environmental issues, etc. | +62-815-841-99-700 | Resume

DC Gloria

DC Gloria

Translator | ENG-IND v.v | General

  • ReligionCatholicism
  • Health: AIDS prevention program, dentistry, and midwifery
  • Marketing: customer satisfaction
  • Construction: building design, architecture, and civil engineering
  • Agriculture: development and management | +62-21-9312-7997 | Resume

Service Rates


ALima is currently focusing in English-Bahasa Indonesia translation vise versa.


Rp. 140,000 per translation standard result page
*) According to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of Indonesia No.72/PMK.02/2013 (page 36 paragraph 5) – download

Standard Result Page

File Type : MS Word (*.doc) / Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Page Setup : A4
Space : 2 (double)
Font : Arial 12 points
Margins (cm): 2.5 (top, bottom, left, right)

Our Portfolio


  • Kranji (dialium indum) as a renewable energy source (research report)


  • Alert handling & key reports (e-learning)
  • Customer view point website (user guide)
  • Distributor Management System (online support)
  • Eco driving (online instruction)
  • Protect your kids in the car (driving tips)
  • Safety tips: 4-points safety belt (review)


  • Asia asset management (article)
  • Company profile and leaflet (marketing tools)
  • Investment advisory service (proposal)
  • Media clippings (business intelligence)
  • Mutual fund investor profile (customer form)
  • Official letters (correspondence)
  • Product cards (marketing kit)
  • Prospectus (financial portfolio)
  • Underwriter for initial public offering process (engagement letter)


  • Art & craft products (content management system & marketing kits)
  • Building lease agreement (documentation)
  • Green Heart Movement (press release)
  • Interior design service (content management system & marketing kits)
  • Kualanamu electrical facilities (technical quotation)
  • License agreement (documentation)
  • Partnership agreement (project documentation)
  • Personal stress reliever: emWave (owner’s manual)
  • Registration of agent and distributor of domestic or foreign products and/or services (application form)
  • Wedding decoration – contemporary design (marketing kits)


  • AQIS Import Conditions (public listing)


  • Abstract (thesis)
  • Essay outline (thesis)
  • ITB opened the MBA program in the field of creative industries (article)
  • Permit for foreign teachers and education personnel in formal and informal education units in Indonesia (ministerial regulation)
  • Student term report (documentation)


  • Cogeneration technology as solution to save energy and environment (article)
  • Endorsement for energy efficiency application in Indonesia (article)


  • Permits for handling of hazardous and toxic wastes (regulation)


  • Indonesia’s Timber Legality Assurance System (official recommendation)


  • Basic health research results in East Nusa Tenggara (executive summary)
  • Company’s social responsibility program (memorandum of understanding)
  • Deficiency and nutrition issues in East Nusa Tenggara (report)
  • Food and water: basic human rights (report)
  • Outpatient receipt (documentation)
  • Requirements for the addition of nutrients and non-nutrients to processed food (regulation)
  • Securing water access and improving hygiene practices in East Nusa Tenggara (final report)

Human Resources

  • Company regulation (documentation)
  • Ethics book & raise concern (guideline)
  • Staff representation system (presentation)

Information Technology

  • Access proxy web filter (Internet security application)
  • Computer usage policy (documentation)
  • E-Learning Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 (training)
  • Global standards: social media personal use (policy)
  • IS policy & project Vista user guide (documentation)
  • New invite and welcome emails (guideline)
  • Vista service update (guideline)


  • Affidavit on interview notes (documentation)


  • Quality control and assurance (standard operating procedure)
  • Strategic leadership and change management (book)


  • Fleet sales technique (e-learning)
  • Customer relationship management (e-learning)
  • Local market development (e-learning)
  • Professional trade-in (e-learning)
  • Sales marketing handouts and slides (training)
  • Service marketing (e-learning)
  • What’s in a name? (article)


  • Coal joint operation (agreement)
  • Coal mining licensing development (official guideline)
  • Coal mining permit (governor regulation, regent decree)
  • Coal supply services (agreement)
  • Confidentiality deed (agreement)
  • Diamond procurement & export stages (documentation)
  • Executive summaries (documentation)
  • Gold exploration (extension proposal)
  • Hire of equipment (quotation)
  • Insurance claim extension (official letter)
  • Meeting notes (documentation)
  • Mining permit application (documentation)
  • Oil field facilities block diagram (documentation)
  • Oil wells dewatering operating cost (proposal)
  • Presentation of Work Plan and Budget, RKAB (official invitation)
  • Separator for well dewatering (proposal)
  • Tariffs for diamond mineral (ministerial decree)
  • Unanimous written resolution of the shareholders (documentation)
  • Work contract amendment (documentation)

Public Relation

  • Delivering informative and persuasive speech (book)
  • “Emergency Room” public relation (concept)
  • Is Indonesia really a friendly country? (article)
  • Public relation survey research method (book)

Public Service

  • Birth certificate (documentation)
  • Receipt of police report/claim (documentation)


  • Biblical questions (article)
  • Islam Ghulat sects (article)
  • Islamic science (article)
  • Reconciliation and restoration continues (Christianity)


  • Flood preparedness guidance for family safety (brochure)
  • Multi-hazard risk mapping (report)


  • Telecommunication services and support (agreement)


  • Capturing the exoticism from Gundaling Hill (article)
  • Lake Toba Festival (article)
  • Lake Toba fits for “ppen water” swimming (article)
  • Tourism and creative economy expo invites the visitors to appreciate creative products (article)
  • Valorization, the opening ceremony of Lake Toba Festival 2013 (article)

Contact Us

Contact Information

  • Address:

    MABAD II/17, Srengseng-Sawah, Jagakarsa
    Jakarta 12640, INDONESIA

  • Phone: +62-815-841-99-700
  • E-mail:


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